Associate Professor Kelly Blincoe’s ENGclusion longitudinal study has started! The first questionnaire for the study is now up, and the ENGclusion team are collecting their first round of data. Their goal is to understand how to retain historically excluded groups in the Engineering industry and this questionnaire is the first step.

In this first questionnaire, they are collecting data on participants’ demographics and current job details. In addition, they are examining perceptions on participants’ job search. Participants are eligible if they were enrolled in an engineering or computer science degree in New Zealand in 2023 and have now completed all coursework requirements for that degree. This means, many in the cohort will have very recently or will be very soon starting their first position in the industry. The ENGclusion team are asking about perceived stress, perceived intensity, and opinions on bias and fairness of the participants’ job search and interviewing experience. They hope to have recommendations soon on how the industry can improve their hiring process to be more inclusive.

Future questionnaires in this study will investigate satisfaction and turnover as the participants continue on their career journeys.

Sign up to their mailing list if you want to hear about the results of this study, and if you know anyone who is eligible to participate, encourage them to join the team (here is information for participants).

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