The 2020 IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering was held in Zurich, but it was a hybrid event, allowing virtual participation. James Tizard presented our paper, “Voice of the Users: A Demographic Study of Software Feedback Behaviour.” Here is a picture of James giving his presentation on Zoom.

In this paper, we describe the demographics of software feedback givers, showing that different demographics tend to engage with different feedback platforms. Our results show the need to consider multiple platforms when extracting software requirements from online feedback to ensure a wide range of voices are heard and more inclusive software is developed. There are also some demographics that do not engage on current software feedback platforms, suggesting the platforms themselves may need to be made more inclusive.

We were honoured to receive a distinguished paper award for this manuscript. Thanks to the RE20 committee for this award! James plans to extend this work by studying software feedback givers in additional countries (currently most of the study participants were from New Zealand and Germany). Contact us if you are interested to collaborate on this research.